Chartership Portfolio

I *think* I’ve finally finished it!

Over the last year I’ve been working on my Chartership, pulling together a portfolio of evidence to reflect on my personal and professional development. It’s a professional qualification awarded by CILIP to members who are able to demonstrate an active commitment to CPD (or continuing professional development), an ability to critically reflect on personal and service performance and exhibit an understanding of the wider professional context. I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard! Really hard. Not because the task is particularly difficult but because it’s really hard to judge whether you’re on the right lines to meet the overly ‘woolly’ criteria for assessment. It’s not like having an essay question to answer or a topic to investigate. It’s identifying gaps in your own knowledge and proposing a plan to resolve them, anticipating the outcome, estimating a timescale and then reflecting on the learning experience and how you’ve applied new knowledge. It’s all very complicated without really needing to be. I think I’ve met the criteria but as it’s a very personal thing I would, whether the assessors agree is another story.

As part of the process you get a mentor and the best advice I can give anyone is to find someone you feel 100% comfortable talking through your anxieties with. There has been so many times when I thought to myself ‘why am I actually even doing this?’ It’s not like I’ll be getting a pay rise or anything but it does mean I tick an extra box on the personal spec for the next step on the career ladder (should it get accepted that is). Aside from that it has actually been worthwhile… I promise. I’ve been to so many really useful events and done so much cool stuff this year, simply because I’ve been able to say ‘oh but it’s for my Chartership’. Luckily my organisation are really supportive when it comes to this kind of thing so it really would have been silly for me not to take this opportunity.

Once I’ve heard back from CILIP (which could be up to 3 months) I’ll hopefully write something a bit more useful for others but for now… IT’S FINISHED WOO-HOO.

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  1. librarykris says:

    Congratulations! Even getting to the application stage is a big step. I’m registered in New Zealand and have completed my first revalidation process. It _is_ tricky trying to figure how how much to write, what about, which aspect, covering all the topics etc. I figured it wasn’t an essay so there was no right or wrong. *crosses fingers for you*

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